Maximum Area International LLC “AEROPOLIS I & II” Executive Report

Prime Value Investment Fund BV acted as Structurer & Placement Agent for Maximum Area International LLC “AEROPOLIS I & II” Debt Securities development obligation up to USD 20.000.000,00 American Dollars.( tranches)

Maximum Area International LLC is a limited liability company pursuant to the Limited Liability Company Act of the State of DELAWARE, USA (the ― Issuer). The registered office of the Issuer is at 300 Creek View Road suite 209 street, Newark, ZP 19711, USA.

The Notes will be offered in minimum denomination of U.S. $ 100,000 and integral multiples of U.S. $ 100,000 in excess thereof (the Minimum Denomination). The Notes will be secured by the Global Security Certificate in custody at the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX), covered primarily by assets of the Issuer, (Real Estate Portafoflio of Plots & Projects Aeropolis l & ll, near Cartagena Republic of COLOMBIA, valued at sixty million United States Dollars. (See ― The Collateral in this Information Memorandum). The Notes will be issued periodically in tranches up to a total amount of U.S. $ 20,000,000. If not previously subject to Optional Exchange or the Call Option (each as further described herein), the Notes will mature on August 15th, 2026.

The asset of the Issuer will consist of a Portfolio of Real Estate Plots & Projects AEROPOLIS l & ll, located near the city of CARTAGENA, Republic of Colombia.

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Executive Report – Aeropolis (English)


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